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The design build process is often referred to as the “Master Builder” method of building. The design builder leads the discovery, site planning, design, permitting, and construction. When directed to the right project, and executed properly, the design build approach offers the client significant benefits over other less predictable approaches.

The fundamental differentiator in design build is a single point of responsibility from start to finish. Other benefits include:

  • Budgets being established early, and continuously checked and balanced throughout the design process.
  • Greater continuity and efficiency. We can act as architects while truly understanding the building process – we can then be builders but continue to think as architects.
  • Projects built on time, and on schedule.
  • Total oversight and accountability.

Finally, at Core Development Group, we believe that communication is important, but listening is more important. We’re here to listen to you, and design and build the house of your dreams.

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Through our sister company, Core Managed, we represent and act on behalf of property owners to proactively preserve the value of their property while generating income. Core Managed properties include residential and vacation properties, home care services, and commercial retail space.


Core specializes in building homes that demonstrate careful thought and execution tailored to the individual tastes and lifestyle of our clients. We strive for excellence, build trust and provide a high level of personalized service.  We build timeless homes and strive to make the process enjoyable.


We specialize in recognizing and creating value in sites prime for redevelopment.  We do this by leveraging our expertise in design and knowledge of the real estate market including local building requirements.  We can secure financing and develop sites into profitable ventures.


Our consulting services offer a vast amount of experience in real estate based on analyzing potential properties for purchase, developing feasibility studies, providing preliminary design options and budgets. Consulting services are provided on a time and materials basis.

Benefits of Design-Build

Build the home of your dreams.